Nina Wet Skirt and Pantyhose
490 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 15:35

What better way to finish a long day than to have Nina soak herself in the setting sun!

For this trip into the warm waters of the river, she wears a rose colored top and a black skirt over tight fitting pantyhose. It is hard to take your eye off of Nina any time. But watching her get wet is a real treat - and she knows it.

Her white heels do not last very long in the soft sand under the shallow water. But that is ok. We get to see many nice views of her awesome legs going in and out of the water. She removes the skirt, and the soft sunlight glistens off of her pantyhose. Nina knows that the camera enjoys this and obliges by rolling in the shallow water.

Next, the pantyhose is removed and Nina finishes her day at the river by laying even deeper in the water and getting her top wet as well. Either clothed or not, this is a very pretty girl who enjoys being wet!

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