Nica C in Wet Lingerie
252 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 17:20

Man, nothing says the tropics like getting soaked in a rushing river and not even catching a chill. In fact, it is hot!

Nica C makes her way into a very scenic river and picks a path over to the cameras, where she slowly dips her body into the clear water. And as she does, her nightie clings to her brown skin, creating all kinds of nice see-through effects.

Nica has classic Island Girl features and a very attractive dark tone to her skin which contrasts nicely with the fabric of the nightie and the rushing water. Both the video and still camera caught some nice images of her emerging from the river, water dripping from her body and the fabric glued to her shape.

Spend a few moments with Nica in the river. It is refreshing!

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