New Beach, New Jeans for May
336 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 21:25

Each season, we try to get down to the coast and take boats out to the islands there. It is hard to get to, so we take only the prettiest gals along. I am pretty sure that May is the only one who has made every trip.

And here, you can see why she is so special. With a spectacular backdrop, she fills the view with a natural sexiness and beauty that never gets old.

She starts out wearing faded jeans, pink and grey trainers, and a lacy top that is sexy on May even before it gets wet! Under the jeans, she is sporting black thong panties that can be seen in the back as the wet denim starts to ride down her backside.

She leaves the jeans on for a good while in this scene, but still gives us some very tasty looks with the jeans set aside and even with her top off towards the end. Welcome back to the beach May!

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