Mitch and Shane in the Waves
454 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 19:55

Sometimes, when you shoot outdoors, and especially around water, scenes just take a life of their own. In this case, a couple sets of bigs waves gave Mitch and Shane quite a thrill. But it was worth it. They ended up soaked, and as sexy as ever!

For this update, Shane is wearing a pair of silky polka dot shorts, a nice blue blouse and black fishnet stockings. Mitch is also wearing fishnets, but wearing a stretchy skirt and white blouse on her petite body.

As it happens, Shane has spent a lot of time in the ocean, and Mitch, not at all. So there is some trepidation for Mitch. But the sun is hot and the water inviting. Soon enough, they are both enjoying the waves as they race up the shore and envelop the girls, wetting their clothing and making for a sexy meal for the>
Catch a wave with Mitch and Shane. You will enjoy it!

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