Laine Soaks Her Jeans in the Pool
372 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 13:30

You just have to love the look of wet and shiny denim clinging to a nice lady, especially someone as exotic as Laine. Just yummy!

Laine happened to be there when we were first dabbling in underwater video, so we get to see her submerged as well.

For this scene, Laine starts out in a personal pair of jeans, a white cotton top (no bra) and pale blue sneakers. Faithful to the wetlook cause, she gets everything complete wet in the pool and then proceeds to give us some really nice looks, both in and out of the water. Things get especially interesting when she comes close to the camera. She just has the certain appeal that increases with close proximity!
br> The sneakers eventually come off, followed some time later by the jeans themselves. And then, on the video, were get a few brief but very enjoyable clips of Laine underwater.

Overall this is very worthy and wet and sexy scene!

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