Kim Soaks Her Nightie in the Pool
506 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 31:55

Well, here is an epic soaking of the tall, leggy, and beautiful Kim - complete with underwater video!

Kim absolutely commands the attention of the cameras as she goes about getting wet at an elaborate private resort. Her long legs are on constant display in this update - even more when she moves in a way that causes her rose coloured nightie to part and ride up her long thighs.

Kim spends a leisurely time at the raiing, using the leverage to dip her body into the clear water and then lift herself out, dripping wet. And this is where the underwater shots begin. They add a sext twist to an already interesting scene.

From the steps, Kim moves to the ladder, treating the cameras to some sultry poses and more dripping wet moments. Then. she moves to the corner of the pool, letting the small waterfall cascade water onto her face while the underwater camera collects to some more lightful memories of Kim and her wet adventure!

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