Sheen & Mitch Wet Jeans Play
210 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 13:35

**** Bonus Update ****

Ready for a new Soaked Pinay? Well, say hello to Sheen! And really, it was Mitch's first scene as well, so say hello to both. :-)

These two ladies are in for a good soaking at our favorite country river spot. On this particular day, the sky was a bit grey, and the water was cloudy (grrrr), but that didn't slow down Sheen and Mitch. They enjoyed getting their clothes wet!

For their river adventure, they both wore nice fitting jeans, sneakers and spaghetti strap tops (Sheen in purple). They kept their wet clothes on for this entire scene, but that just makes them seem more approachable. Enjoy the new wetness!

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