Mitch's Wet Jeans Solo
356 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 13:25

Mitch's first ever scene for TSM was a wet jeans duet with Sheen. But when it came time to take the jeans off...well, it became a solo. I hadn't seen much of Mitch, but I had already seen enough to know that this was a scene worth extending!

And I'm glad that we did that. But first, there was the business of getting an even better look at Mitch's wet jeans. The water was cloudy due to some sand and boulder mining upstream (where the EPA?). But even if the water was murky, one thing was clear, Mitch had a future doing this sort of thing!

So, the jeans did eventually came off, revealing her firm legs and awesome skin tone. And Mitch finally settled down as well. Once her face started to relax, her real looks started to come through. To say she only gets better from here doesn't really take anything away from this occasion. It's hot!

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