Mitch, Wet in the Fish Pond
384 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 21:09

Ah, Mitch! Can I take you home with me? I am sure we can find some water somewhere!

And I am sure I am not alone, because Mitch is just drop dead sexy. Simply irresistible to lovers of Filipinas.

In this awesome update, Mitch checks out the fish pond wearing a black print dress, with panties and pantyhose underneath. She kicks off her shoes before walking into the water, preferring the feel of her nylon clad feet getting wet right away.

She poses in the water for a while, but in a departure from typical scenes, she spends a fair amount of time on the shoreline, getting a little muddy before going back into the water.

Eventually the dress comes off and she repeats all of the earlier motions. Towards the end of the scene, she removes her pantyhose as well.

Throughout the scene, we are treated to Mitch and her smoking hot looks and deliberate movements. Yum!!

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