Mitch Soaks Her Jeans at Shell Beach!
658 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 18:15

Did I already say that Mitch was born to pose on the beach? Well, it's worth repeating, because in her second season, she starts out by piling on the proof!

I like the way this progresses, because there at least two processes occurring during the footage and photos. One is obvious. She removes he clothes (and lets her hair down - maybe the best part of all). But second, she gets more and more comfortable, more and more at easy, more and more at home with her exhibitionism. Because seriously, Mitch is an exhibitionist in the truest sense.

I think part of the relaxing has to do with the journey to the island. After a substantial car ride, those picturesque motorized canoes so ubiquitous in the Philippines can be quite a ride, and noisy too. So, rolling around in the surf can be therapeutic, as well as fun and sexy! So, kick back and enjoy the sight of Mitch and her incredibly sexy body and smoky looks. She wants you to.

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