Mitch on the Beach in Dress
242 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 14:45

It's time to meet new girl Mitch!

And what a great place to see her for the first time!

Mitch is what is know in the Philippines as a Black Beauty. I'm not sure why they use the term 'black', but what it really means is dark skin. To me, it's just yummy, especially when it's paired with exotic beauty. And Mitch has that.

This update was shot on an Island off the coast of Zambales in the China Sea. We really enjoyed this location. It was tough to get to, but the pictures and video we came away with made it worth the effort.

Mitch is new at this sort of thing, but she does like to show off her body. There were some other folks around, but she did manage to take her top down and provide some great tropical and natural looks. See for yourself!

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