Mitch in the Big Pool in Jeans
654 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 21:55

Ok, it is time for another long and sexy look at Mitch. You ready?

This time she takes over the large swimming pool and the painted resort and shows just how good wet denim can look!

Of course Mitch just wants to get out of the jeans and sneakers and everything else she is wearing, because that is what makes her happy. But first, we had her get wet slowly, showing off the jeans, which got super black and quite shiny when they were soaked. Her top also got nice and transparent. Good!

The she climbed up on the air mattress several times, giving us some nice look at those jeans sticking to her hard body. But eventually, the jeans did come off, and she repeated a lot of the same motions, including some really nice interaction with the mattress.

This is a really good look at Mitch, and needs to be added to her other great scenes!

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