France Soaks Her Shorts in the Pond
330 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 18:25

Ah, we are really starting to like France. She is cute. She is undoubtedly sexy. But she carries herself into something much more than those two qualities combined. It is pretty much intoxicating! Some girls act like they enjoy life. France truly does, and it shows. And it is fun to behold.

This scene was shot in one of the fish ponds we have access to. And it is a great, natural place to get wet. There is nothing artificual about it. Just perfect for a natural like France. She teases us with getting wet, knowing that whe her top is soaked, her small breasts will be on display.

Eventually, after she is good and soaked, she slips her shorts off, revealing a daring look that suits her sexy state of mind.

Give France a moment of your time. She will make a memorable one, for sure!

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