France and Shane D in the River
356 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 22:00

Ah, there is nothing like finishing the day with a playful water fight in the river, especially when you have two sexy babes in dresses and boots and fishnets involved!

For this wet adventure, France is wearing a simple white cotton dress, short suede boots and black panties and fishnet stockings. Shane is sporting a nice looking dark blue dress with heeled sandals and white panties in addition to black fishnets as well.

Both France and Shane are nice gals, but there is an edge to the water fight that erupts as soon as they get into the middle of the shallow river. France is petite. But she sure knows how to get someone wet, and Shane is on the receiving end of some serious splashing!

But there are some slower moments as well, as they settle into playing a traditional footsie game while reclined in the water.

After some time, they pull the fishnets off of each other and even remove the dresses briefly. All in all, a nice soaking in the late afternoon sunshine.

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