Ami and Sherly Rumble in the River
258 hi-res photos & video.  Length: 16:05

Sherly knows that she and Ami need to cross the river to get to the market. But Ami says there is a bridge, so that is ok. Except there is no bridge! So Sherly does the natural thing and takes it out on Ami - in the River!

For this very wet splash and dunk fest, Ami is wearing short blue denim shorts and a pale blue top and Sherly is wearing white denim shorts and a yellow top. Her top is more revealing than the one Ami wears. But once they are wet, it is hard to pick a favorite....

This scene features a lot of physical action with serious splashing and some realistic dunking at the end. And this location was pretty wild. As you can see, the current was strong. But there are Filipina gals after all, and proved ready to tussle in the rushing water of this remote mountain river!

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