DVD: Soaked Pinays DVD #06
The wetness continues as ten more babes get wet and sexy eight great scenes!

Scenes appearing on this DVD:

Jeans and Sneakers in the Pool
It sounds so strange, but looks so right!

Trisha and Sandra look delightful as they saunter out of the farm house and into the pool. Sandra is wearing slightly faded blue jeans, a brown tee shirt (with printing) and black canvas sneakers. Trisha is wearing pale blue jeans, a green spaghetti strap top and white canvas sneakers.

They explore different areas of the pool, and each time they get out, we get a great look at their shiny and clinging clothes.

This is one beautiful soaking!

Rumble in the River!
Hey - it is CJ and Kelly again, but this time they are out of the rain and battling in a river!

CJ is wearing blue jeans and a striped cotton spaghetti strap top, while Keyy is sporting a black pleated skirt and a white top.

It is all fun while they are just splashing water on each other, but before long, they are rolling around in the shallow water and getting a good soaking!

It is what we do!

Angel, Pretty in the Sprinkler
We are beginning to think that Angel was born for this!

Sit back and enjoy the show as Angel saunters into view and slowly wets herself in the sprinkler. She is wearing a very nice white dress that glues itself to her curvy shape once it gets wet.

Resistance is futile!

Ami and Trisha in the Fountain
How about some wet fun in a fountain? We have that!

Ami and Trisha just can not seem to stay dry when there is water around, and this scene is no exception. Ami is wearing a red spaghetti strap top, a nice black skirt with red accents, flesh colored pantyhose and black heels. Trisha is sporting a tan colored top (no bra!), a pleated plaid skirt, dark nylons and white heels.

Get ready for a splash attack!

Mango Feet Washing
What happens when you get your feet messy with mango fruit laying on the ground? You get soaked!

Well, at least this is what we told Cathy and new girl Nora. :-o

Cathy is wearing a pretty pale blue dress, while Nora is wearing a light yellow dress that reveals her bra and panties once wet. They are walking through a mango farm when they both step on fruit that had fallen on the ground. And you just know that trying to wash their feet in an outdoor shower leads to some wet fun!

Wet Glamour in the River with Jane
Jane is wearing a nice pleated denim skirt, a black spaghetti strap top and black heels when she saunters into a shallow river.

She splashes water on herself before rolling around and heaping wet sand on herself. Eventually, the heels come off and she rolls around some more, getting completely soaked!

Jane is a natural beauty with a special and appealing demeanor. Have a look!

Nicole and Her Soda Spill
It is hot, and Nicole would like to sit on the porch with her soda. But it is not the soda that ends up refreshing her!

Nicole is wearing flower print cotton shorts, a sleeveless cotton shirt and platform sandals. And it is all soaking wet after she realizes that water from the pump not only cleans her shirt, but feels oh so good!

Nicole sure cleans up nice!

Sandra Wet River Glamour in Shorts
Boy, do we like Sandra!

And it is a good thing that she is waterproof, because she gets a good soaking in this scene!

Sandra looks delightful in a pale tangerine colored hipster style shorts with a large white draw string, and an off-white tee shirt.

There is nothing complicated about how she plays in this very scenic river and gets wet. It is just that she looks gorgeous as she does this.

Also, it is somewhat unusual, but I think that the photos of this scene shine well beyond the video, so make sure you take the time to view them!

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