DVD: Soaked Pinays DVD #05
This outstanding DVD features Jane, Andrea, CJ, Kelly, May, Angel, Aiza, Trisha, Monique and Nina. These are fun and stimulating scenes at a great price!

Scenes appearing on this DVD:

White Cotton, Brown Skin, All Wet
What a combination!

Jane looks great as she plays with the sprinkler wearing a white cotton dress. She gets wet slowly while circling the sprinkler and spinning round and round. The material is not real thin, but it does stick to her firm body enough to make this scene interesting. She ends up soaked, of course!

Jane has an attractive, carefree attitude that comes through nicely in this update. See if you agree!

Rice Paddy Rain
What do you do when you get caught a half mile from shelter by a torrential downpour?

Roll your cameras, of course!

I'm still not sure that's the right answer, but that's what we did. Andrea (striped top and yellow sarong), CJ (green bikini and sarong) and Kelly (black bikini and sarong) were pretty good sports about it. The heavy stuff hit right after they got into the rice paddy. Andrea got things started with a couple of nice tackles - and then it was a lot of fun in the rain, water and mud. Along the way, they learned how to play King of the Hill (or mound in this case).

The rain let up towards the end of the scene, but the fun continued until the last. Check it out!

Making a Mud Pit Wet
Well, it seems like May and Angel were doing pretty good with the new mud pit - until it was time to add the water!

May is wearing a white pleated skirt and black top, while Angel is wearing a plaid pleated skirt with suspenders and a pale green top. They are both wearing dress sandals.

Is there a ton of water coming out that hose? You bet! And they get soaked in no time!

This scene went by real fast (in three minutes or so), so we have included the cleanup video and pictures from the mud portion of the scene, which was shot on a different day.

Fun at the Pump
Get ready for another soaking!

Aiza and Trisha are picking some fruit for lunch when they decide to wash it at the pump. Well, it doesn't take long for mayhem to develop with all that water!

Aiza is wearing a red dress and white heels, while Trisha is sporting a short blue dress with off-white short shorts and black heels.

These are both pretty ladies - and they get very wet!

Monique Wet River Glamour
Here's more Monique!

This scene is from the first day she ever worked for us, and we knew right away that she is a winner.

Monique is wearing black denim jeans and a nice pink top. She needs to cross a small river, but just can't help cooling off while getting wet for the camera. To say that her charms pop out in this set would be an understatement!

After dipping in the water a few times, she lays down in the shallows and rolls around before posing some more. We like Monique. How about you?

Nina Solo River Glamour
Say hello to Nina!

She is super cute and just happens to be Jane's sister-in-law (although they look like actual sisters when they're together).

In this segment, Nina saunters into the river wearing a short denim skirt, a cotton top and white heels. This was her first time getting wet, but she does a great job and flashes one irresistible smile after another!

Nina is one gal that will get soaked many times if we get the chance!

May in Jeans at the Pool
May is back, this time at the pool!

She's wearing new blue jeans, boots, and a blue top that fits oh so nicely! She spends some time on the edge of the pool teasing the camera before eventually getting all the way in. There are some nice shots of her letting the water run down her legs and soaking into her jeans. Later in the scene, she uses her boots to pour water on herself!

But as you can see, it's that nice fitting top that wins the day. Don't miss it!

Aiza on the Rocks
Here's Aiza again at that beautiful river location. But this time in a tight fitting dress!

She's a bit tentative in this scene, but her natural beauty shines through from beginning to end. When she finally makes her way close to the camera, there are some great shots and footage of her reclining on the clear flowing water. Have a closer look at this. You won't be disappointed!

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