DVD: Soaked Pinays DVD #04
Our fourth wetlook DVD features Nicole, Rose, May, Sandra, KC, icki, Ami, Aiza, Nicole and Angel in fun and glamorous situations!

Scenes appearing on this DVD:

Mango Super Soakers
It's a shootout at the mango farm!
Nicole and Rose blast away with super soakers in this fun update. They start by facing each other and squirting loads of water. Then, they start chasing each other around a big mango tree. Rose ends up the victor, but then starts blasting Nicole in the back. How rude!
Both are wearing light cotton outfits and sandals (Rose is bra-less). Have a look!

May Soaked in a Tight Dress
This update is hot!
May is one of my favorite models and this really shows off her charms. She walks up to a lawn sprinkler on a breazy day and slowly gets wet while wearing a tight dark green dress. She's also wearing dress sandals which stay on for the entire scene.
Check out the preview video. Wow!

Rollin' in the River
Well, rollin' in the river is what Sandra and KC ended up doing, so why not? :-)
Sandra and new gal KC are out walking on a hot day and cross a small river. One shove by KC and the wet fun begins! Sandra is wearing tight blue jeans and a pale blue sleeveless top, while KC is wearing short denim shorts and a yellow spaghetti strap top.
After frollicking in the water for a while, they recline on the sandy shore and roll over and over for the cameras.
Care to spend some time next to a tropical river with a couple nice (and very wet) gals? Well, this is almost as good as being there!

Nicki Soaked in the Sprinkler
Eye Candy.

How's that for a description? It works, but it doesn't meet the 50 word minimum!
Seriously though, Nicki is wearing a white dress that has abstract print on the front. Underneath is a pair of shorts type panties (and no bra).
She starts out super cute, gets real wet, and remains super cute. Heck, just enjoy it!

Ami and Aiza wet Jeans in the Pool
How about two pretty gals in a swimming pool wearing jeans? We have that!

Ami and Aiza cool off on a hot day by soaking themselves in a resort swimming pool. Ami is wearing a pale green tee shirt and jeans while Aiza's also wearing jeans and her top is pale blue. They both wear sneakers throughout the scene.

There a re lots of great shots of them getting in and out of the pool as well as them dunking under the water and showing off their long wet hair. Don't miss it!

Nicole on the Rocks
Actually, we'll take Nicole any way we can get her!

But here she is, getting wet at a very scenic location. She's wearing a stone washed denim skirt and a nicely decorated black cotton sleeveless top. She is barefoot in this scene.

This was the first time in a river for Nicole, so she was a little tentative. But the rush and chill of the water awoke her sense of fun. And as you'll see, she looked lovely the whole time!

Ami's Wet Jeans at a Resort
This is nice!

Ami looks gorgeous as she saunters down to the pool wearing tight jeans, a striped cotton top and black boots. She starts teasing the camera by getting her boots and jeans wet ever so slowly before entering the water and getting completely wet!

Ami's beauty shines through in the glamorous, and yet playful scene.

Angel's Wet River Glamour
I was going to say that "Angel is back..." but then realized that this is her first update at Soaked Pinays. Wow!

In this case though, it's much much better late than never as Angel treats us to a nice soaking in a river. She's wearing pale blue denim slacks (that tighten up nicely when wet) and a yellow cotton top.

Angel starts by getting just her jeans wet, but eventually she's rolling around in the refreshing water. So, hello to Angel :-)

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