Soaked Pinays DVD's

 Soaked Pinays DVD #06
Price: $25.00 USD
The wetness continues as ten more babes get wet and sexy eight great scenes!

Scenes included:

Rumble in the River!

Sandra Wet River Glamour in Shorts

Nicole and Her Soda Spill

Wet Glamour in the River with Jane

Mango Feet Washing

Ami and Trisha in the Fountain

Angel, Pretty in the Sprinkler

Jeans and Sneakers in the Pool

 Soaked Pinays DVD #05
Price: $25.00 USD
This outstanding DVD features Jane, Andrea, CJ, Kelly, May, Angel, Aiza, Trisha, Monique and Nina. These are fun and stimulating scenes at a great price!

Scenes included:

Aiza on the Rocks

May in Jeans at the Pool

Nina Solo River Glamour

Monique Wet River Glamour

Fun at the Pump

Making a Mud Pit Wet

Rice Paddy Rain

White Cotton, Brown Skin, All Wet

 Soaked Pinays DVD #04
Price: $25.00 USD
Our fourth wetlook DVD features Nicole, Rose, May, Sandra, KC, icki, Ami, Aiza, Nicole and Angel in fun and glamorous situations!

Scenes included:

Angel's Wet River Glamour

Ami's Wet Jeans at a Resort

Nicole on the Rocks

Ami and Aiza wet Jeans in the Pool

Nicki Soaked in the Sprinkler

Rollin' in the River

May Soaked in a Tight Dress

Mango Super Soakers

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