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Tropical Shots Media is a production company that is attempting to bring high quality, and at the same time, unusual imagery from Southeast Asia in general, and from the Philippines in particular. We have made two trips there so far, and hope to return again, assuming that what we are doing proves popular!

A lot of time was spent during our first trip looking for locations. We started with family connections and branched out from there. We found Filipinos to be very gracious and hard working. The economy there is pretty strong right now and it seems that just about everybody is interested in participating in business of one sort or another.

Our first shoot was a pretty basic affair. We knew we would be away from structures, so we bought a portable canopy along with the other supplies you can see in this picture. As it turns out, bug spray and large umbrellas were just as important as blank tape. This was a true learning experience for all involved. :)

Our travels even took us by boat to one of the large river deltas. We didn't find the mud we were looking for but we did end up with some really great scenery and some stories that we'll be telling for quite some time. Again, we were well looked after by our local hosts.

So please stay a while and have a look at our DVDs and download offerings. There are a few more to edit from our trip, but the titles we have up right now are a pretty good start. And if you do choose to buy one (or more!), you can be assured that everyone involved in the production of these videos was treated professionally, and with all the respect that they deserved.

Thank you for visiting!

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